The reality of financial awareness is that we all tend to over-complicate what really is a simple message… 

Save More, Spend Less!

Right from the time we are kids just learning to read, we are bombarded with thousands of buying messages every single day. We live in a consumer culture where all of us have broad access to buy now and pay later type credit. We are surrounded by an infinite amount of choice with new clothes, technologies, smartphones… so much to buy and so much access to credit to help us do it.

It is easy to understand how quickly overspending and debt can become a real issue.

This is also the age of infinite resources. In a world of budget planning tools, software licenses, excel spreadsheets, interest calculators and an endless supply of self-help books on managing money, how is it that we have so much trouble taking control of our financial health?

The answer is pretty simple. We are just not motivated, inspired or educated on how to do it. As a result, we don’t take personal responsibility of doing the things we need to be doing. We live in an Instagram and YouTube society where information is consumed in bite sized chunks. To connect and educate people on financial awareness, there are 3 key elements necessary to inspire action:

  1. Instil a real sense of personal responsibility

  2. Utilize an entertaining but honest approach to create a personal awareness around money habits

  3. Capitalize on video based content to improve retention




Money Myths

  • A critical section designed to help break myths that hold people back from learning about money


Understanding Credit and Credit Cards

  • Teaches fundamental concepts about credit and how credit cards work


Choosing Your Career

  • Advice on how to pick a career that you love


How to Build Wealth - Part 1 - Stocks 

  • Removing the mystery around investing in the stock market


How to Build Wealth - Part 2 - Real Estate   

  • A guide look at how you can use real estate to build wealth and how to start


Goal Setting and Building Your Brand

  • Critical lessons on the importance of goal setting and your personal brand.

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