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Enriched Academy will be the driving force in financial education & awareness for people of all ages right across the world.

We are driven by a tremendous passion to instil financial knowledge in everyone from kids, teens and young adults, to adults and yes, even grandparents.

Enriched Academy recognizes that Everyone Deserves Financial Awareness and we have redefined the effectiveness of financial education by combining solid information with entertaining, engaging and inspiring interactive learning programs.


Trusted by some of the most notable and innovative organizations in the country, Enriched Academy has helped thousands of people learn the fundamental skills required to take control of their financial health. By combining proven money concepts with innovative technology and an engaging and entertaining delivery, Enriched Academy’s online and in-person learning environment provides everyone, from kids to grandparents with the opportunity to take full control of their financial well being.

We strive to be a catalyst for making a lasting, positive impact in the world.

We know that our success is based on our constant effort to communicate critical money habits in a way that is engaging, entertaining and inspiring. That’s why Enriched Academy is committed to a culture of perpetual learning. We partner with some of the most socially responsible companies that share our passion for financial awareness. To support our own high expectations, we hire passionate, talented people who have a real commitment to drive improved financial awareness into every family, every home, and every business in our communities.


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